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Chris Stapleton is a native of Kentucky who was born on April 15, 1978. As a bluegrass and American country musician, he is signed to Nashville’s Universal Music Group. He is both a singer and a songwriter. As a seasoned country singer, Stapleton has been notably spotted performing with famous personalities in the music industry some of who include Lady Antebellum, Justin Timberlake and his own wife Morgane Stapleton who is also a singer and a songwriter.

Since 2001, Chris Stapleton has been in the business of penning down tunes for some A-listers such as Luke Bryan, George Strait and Adele. His mastery with songs has earned him a household name in the whole of Nashville music community as long as songwriting is concerned. As a newly-turned solo artist, Chris Stapleton is yet to clear the air about who he is, which still lingers all over as a mystery to the general public, after winning more trophies than any other act at the recent CMA Awards.

In recent times, there have been lots of queries on social media about his personality; many people eagerly want to know who is Chris Stapleton. Although the response could be quite long, however, for a personality like Stapleton, it is important to begin from somewhere.

As an established songwriter who has been in the creative business of writing and composing songs for over 15 years before coming out as a solo artist, Chris Stapleton has written more that 150 songs which have appeared on albums of famous artists such as Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Adele, Dierks Bentley and Luke Bryan. He has also co-written songs with notable artists like Sheryl Crow, Peter Frampton and Vince Gill. As an established songwriter, six of his songs have hit number one this include “Never Wanted Nothing More” which lasted for five weeks as number one and “Come Back Song” which was recorded by Darius Rucker.

Although Stapleton has been on the block ever since, especially as a lead singer of the SteelDrivers band, It was not until he became a CMA-winning headliner by winning the Country Music Association Award in 2015 for Best Male Vocalist, Album, of the Year for Traveller and New Artist of the year that his fame began to spread like wildfire.

Stapleton has been on the show since 2001 when he moved to Nashville to pursue his music career. Although Warner/Chappel Music is currently his publisher, his music career started with Sea Gayle Music with whom he signed with as a songwriter shortly after arriving Nashville, Tennessee.

Today Chris Stapleton has become one of the most revered craftsmen in Nashville after a long period of hard work and dedication that lasted for over 15 years. His new album “Traveller” is one of his latest achievements. Thanks to his timeless lyrics and his supernova voice that supported the bluegrass quintet, Steel Drivers soon grew to become a favorite band of traditionalists as well as critics too. Although he left the band in 2010 to focus on songwriting and family, he was able to help the band release two albums which saw them earn three Grammy nominations.

Stapleton ‘s maestro is not stereotypic as it is not limited to one genre or artist alone. Five of his songs that were written for notable artists like Darius Rucker, George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan and Josh Turner have become No. 1 hits.

Morgane who refused not just to remain Chris Stapleton’s wife alone is currently serving as his harmony partner. Chris met Morgane at a Sea Gayle’s publishing house during his first week at Nashville, Tennessee. He never took his eyes off her when he bumped into her at the office of Sea Gayle Music until they got wedded in 2007. As a fellow singer and top-notch songwriter, Morgane now serves as his all-around muse, touring mate and onstage foil.

His debut as a solo artist is Traveller which recently bagged the Album of the Year at the just concluded Country Music Association Awards. Chris Stapleton is believed to make almost anything to sound so good with his voice that can reach steeple-high notes in just one breath while it rumbles its way through. It is obvious that he is certainly going to make one of the most unique and powerful voices that ever existed in country music.

Chris has got an ingenious knack for blending modern day melody with Nashville tradition through stellar songwriting. Thanks to Dave Cobb’s smart production on the complete package, Traveller – it just sounds too good.

It was a thing of surprise and excitement when Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake were spotted on stage at the CMA Awards performing in collaboration. In 2013, the famous Don Williams song “Amanda” was sung by Stapleton together with his wife at the Grand Ole Opry. At the CMT Artist of the Year Event in 2014, an awesome performance between Stapleton and Lady Antebellum was presented in honor of Bryan who couldn’t attend the ceremony due to loss of a family member. The song “Drink a Beer” which was recorded by Luke Bryan was played.

As a son of a coal miner, Chris Stapleton has proven that for the best to come, it needs to be sought after through hard work, consecration and commitment. Today, he is happily married to his fellow singer and songwriter Morgane Stapleton who has bored him two children. They both live in Nashville.